destination downtown WORKSHOP with jon schallert

A conference for business owners, local officials and citizens

TO LEARN HOW TO make their downtowns and/or businesses a DESTINATION.

“When a business becomes a destination, it can change an entire community with its customer traffic!”
~Jon Schallert

jon schallert, destination business expert

Jon Schallert is an internationally recognized speaker who teaches businesses and communities how reinvent themselves into Consumer Destinations. When business owners apply Jon’s methods, they increase their sales and customer traffic, pull customers from greater distances, and dramatically improve their marketplaces.


During this full-day workshop, Jon will teach his proprietary 14-step “Destination Business” process which he developed over the course of 21 years of working with small business owners. This one day workshop will change the way you think about your business and, if you do the work, will set you on a course for success you couldn’t have imagined. The work starts at 8 am and ends at 2:30 pm. It includes refreshments and lunch.

For information on Jon:

Jon’s passion for independent business owners makes him a sought‐after speaker for associations, companies, cities, towns, and business organizations like chambers of commerce, downtown organizations, economic development groups, and tourism bureaus. His approach causes results to happen, and he’s often called to help bring businesses back to profitability after such disasters as hurricanes, floods, and global financial meltdowns.

Turning Large Companies into Destinations

Jon’s Destination process also works for big businesses, such as the Kelloggs’ visitor center, KitchenAid’s flagship store, and the Denver International Airport. Bank of America, Jiffy Lube, Ace Hardware, TruValue Hardware, Anheuser Busch, Elmar/Hunter Douglas, and others have recruited Jon to consult with their corporations. Even the largest consulting firm in the world called on Jon to improve their underperforming corporate store. View Jon’s list of client associations.

Women We Love honoree 2017, Jody Carter, Art Expressions

Women We Love honoree 2017, Jody Carter, Art Expressions

the value of “main street”

I first heard Jon speak at the National Main Street Conference in Atlanta three years ago, and I searched future conference agendas for his name to make sure I didn’t miss the chance to hear him again. Jon’s hilarious delivery of very serious content was something that was so invaluable, so brilliant and so worth sharing with others. When I saw him recently in Seattle, he mentioned the workshop he offers and I knew I had to bring him to Brevard County.

He teaches small business how to fight for market share above their weight class—how to become a destination no matter what they sell or where they sell it.

The Eau Gallie Arts District recognizes the critical role that small business plays in economic, industrial and community development in Brevard County. Creating a destination is indeed the road to economic growth. The communities that understand this and work towards it are the ones where businesses will locate, attract new out-of-town talent, and where people will visit.

If Jon can bring enlightenment and real tools to a business in a town of 200 people, he has something of value to all of us.

This is an exciting opportunity to keep business owners and community leaders moving forward towards building destination businesses, and we’re grateful for your participation. I guarantee it’s worth every single second of your time.

If you own a small business, you will NOT want to miss this presentation. It’s the best education you can give yourself in a day. It’s worth closing your shop for the day, if necessary, because you will return with a whole new attitude towards your business.

Lisa C. Packard, Executive Director

Eau Gallie Arts District Main Street, Inc.

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