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EGAD DOES NOT PROVIDE TENTS, TABLES, CHAIRS, LIGHTING, TABLECLOTHS, EXTENSION CORDS OR VENDOR SUPPLIES. WE SUPPLY ONLY THE SPACE FOR YOUR BOOTH. YOU MUST PROVIDE YOUR OWN AND REMEMBER IT'S FLORIDA AND CAN BE WINDY. ACKNOWLEDGEMENT: Your submission of this application, payment of fees, and your participation as a vendor, constitutes agreement with these Regulations. Please be aware that EGAD reserves the right to limit the number of accepted applicants per category to insure the proper representation of product, merchandise and services. CLEAN UP: Vendors are responsible for providing a trash can at their station and disposing of it before departure somewhere not in EGAD. Please dispose of cooking oil and ash responsibly and not in city trash cans, any road or grassy areas. HOLD HARMLESS: Applicant agrees to protect, indemnify and hold harmless EGAD, their officers, employees, supervisors and representatives from all losses, liabilities, damages, injuries or rights of action directly or indirectly growing out of the use of the premises covered by this contract. HOURS OF OPERATION: Event hours are: 6-9 pm. Your booth must be presentable and staffed until closing. LICENSES, PERMITS, TAXES: Vendors collecting sales tax are required to report those taxes to the Florida Department of Revenue. LOAD-IN/LOAD-OUT: Please do not arrive earlier than instructed. Unload your vehicle, relocate it to legal parking, and then set up your booth. LOCATION OF EVENT: Eau Gallie Square, 1453 Highland Avenue, Melbourne FL 32935. NOTIFICATION: You will receive a map of your booth location the day before and arrival time. As things can change, please do not set up until EGAD street captain has waved you into your spot. POWER: Power is not available on Highland Avenue. Food trucks must use a generator. If you must have it to be a vendor, you must be a French food vendor. Power towers are in Eau Gallie Square and require 50' extension cords of commercial grade and properly taped down with duct tape. PLEASE INDICATE ON THE REGISTRATION FORM IF YOU NEED POWER AND IT MUST BE REQUIRED, NOT A LUXURY. REFUND AND CANCELLATIONS: Refunds are given up to the Monday prior to the event if a vendor needs to cancel. In the event of bad weather, EGAD will call the event earlier enough to save you the trip. If EGAD cancels, refunds will be given. If EGAD continues with the event, no refunds will be given. Vendors may choose not to participate, but a refund will not be given. If an event must be cancelled after the event has begun, there are no refunds offered. RESTRICTIONS: You may not sell alcoholic beverages or have loud amplified sound, candles or televisions in the booths. There is only street pole lighting. To add to your light, please bring LED tea lights or battery operated lighting. No candles or anything requiring power. RIGHT OF REFUSAL: EGAD reserves the right to reject any application if the product does not meet EGAD standards. EGAD implements all policies and are solely responsible for the management of the event. EGAD’s actions and/or decisions are final.
Only for French food vendors and even that is limited.