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The spirit of Women We Love is to honor the unsung hero, the worker, volunteer or other who is rarely called out, but the organization would not be the same without them. There are other areas where top donors, office holders, and key staff are feted--this event is to show the love for that person that is invaluable but perhaps overlooked.  

The top five finalists will be notified on Valentine's Day 2018 and receive a complimentary invitation to attend the Cocktail with Friends Reception on March 8 at Victoria Landing where the winner will be announced. The nonprofit that nominated the winner will receive a financial contribution.


  • All nominations are due by midnight January 22, 2018.
  • Up to five finalists will be notified by Valentine's Day, February 14, 2018.  The winner will be announced at the Cocktail Reception on Thursday, March 8 at 6-8 pm. The nominees may attend at no charge.


  • All nominees must be women, over the age of 21, and be associated with a Brevard County nonprofit as either an employee, volunteer, or other.
  • All nominations must include the completed nominations form (below) and three letters of support (typed) and limited to 250 words. The best applications will include three letters.
  • Nominee's length of service is optional, but preferred.
  • Nominee's address may be personal or business or left blank.
  • Other supporting materials are allowed.
  • Please gather all supporting materials and upload at the same time as the nomination is submitted.
  • The nominations may be submitted by anyone, but must have the support of a 501(c)3 nonprofit on whose behalf they are nominated.
  • The winning candidate will receive a cash donation to their nonprofit.

There must be only one nominee per form; however, you may suggest more than one person. 

Please complete each section of the nomination form. You may upload a photo and as many testimonial letters as you wish, but they must be typed and uploaded in Word (.doc or .docx) form (no .pdf please). When you have all testimonial letters together, please submit the form with all attachments at one time.

The deadline for submission is January 22, 2018. The five finalists will be notified on Valentine's Day 2018. The winner will be announced on Thursday, March 8 at the Cocktail with Friends reception.



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Nominee's Address
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In signing this certification, I attest that all the information contained is accurate to the best of my knowledge (type in your name in the box).
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SEND YOUR FORM FIRST.  After you press "SEND," you will be directed to upload to Dropbox and/or be directed back to the main page.  Please submit this form with all supporting documents (testimonial letters, etc.) at one time.  (No .pdf please).  

QUESTIONS?? Please contact Lisa Packard, Executive Director, Eau Gallie Arts District Main Street | (321) 574-2737 (leave a voicemail) or (321) 543-0638 (cell) | HQ@eaugallieartsdistrict.com.