• EGAD received its Florida Main Street designation in 2010 when vacancy on Highland Avenue was around 30 percent.  EGAD has received a total private investment of $1.3 million between new construction and renovations of existing buildings and we have a demand for space and need development to create new space.
  • The total public investment is well over $1 million, including streetscaping (bike racks, trash cans, benches, street banners, wayfinding signage). 
  • The creation of an Outdoor Museum that has installed over 30 murals through private donations that has attracted thousands of people traveling from as far away as China.
  • EGAD is included in Brevard County’s top 12 places to visit.
  • Over 20 new businesses have brought in over 100 new employees.
  • Volunteers have devoted over 16,000 hours on EGAD initiatives.
  • EGAD Main Street has been awarded over $20,000 in state and local grants and our program has received a dozen state main street awards
  • and newly branded EGAD logo street banners


  • brand new street LED street lamps across Highland Avenue with
  • brand new cafe lighting
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