Brian Stephens, President

Lawyer/Dean Mead, Voice for Radio, Tall Drink of Water from Tennessee, Manners from Heaven

(321) 259-8900

Andrew Roman, VP, Design Chair

Roman Bros. Architect, Visionary, Talker, True Believer

(321) 720-6690

Derek Gores, Secretary

Artist & Advocate, International Man of Mystery, Cat Lover

(321) 258-2119

Tina Murray, Organization Chair

Brevard Zoo Volunteer Coordinator, People Person, EGAD Cheer Squad

(321) 759-6050

George Alexander

Helpful Hardware Man, Mr. Santa Claus, Spirit of Main Street Dude

(321) 254-3261

Alexis Johnsten

Eau Gallie Florist, owner, Grandmother, Holder of the History

(321) 254-2584

Melanie Schrader

Realtor with ReMax Solutions, champion of homeless children, saves old buildings with a single bullet, Bronco lover

(321) 254-0688

Lisa Packard,

Executive Director

Longest running Executive Director in the history of EGAD Main Street; cat herder; truth seeker; gang name: Upgrade

(321) 543-0638