About EGAD

Wherever you are from, EGAD feels like your hometown. The neighborhood is a beautiful blend of historical Florida vernacular homes, mid-century commercial buildings and modern amenities.



The Eau Gallie Arts District is a Florida Main Street program dedicated to the historical preservation and economic promotion of historic Eau Gallie. Through the collaboration of public and private initiatives, and in partnership with the City of Melbourne, we work to foster an environment conducive to economic redevelopment.


We are EGAD and we believe in creativity, veracity and growth. We believe personal expression can change the world. We believe truth, authenticity and inclusivity lead to great collaborations. We are bold, resilient and always curious. Inspired by the innovators who came before us, we are building the creative community of the future. We celebrate our rebellious spirit and welcome those who crave our diverse and colorful nature. We live…in full color.

OUR History


Joining with Melbourne

Reacting to low economic conditions, high crime, and undesirable conditions in the late 1990s, the citizens of the Eau Gallie Community banded together to work with the City of Melbourne to restore a sense of community and revitalize its waterfront community ambiance of earlier times. Eau Gallie joined with the City of Melbourne in 1969, but locals still call it Eau Gallie.  The force of the community effort helped to create a Community Redevelopment Area in 2000 and a designation as a member of the Waterfronts Florida Partnership Plan in 2003. This plan is directed toward identifying and implementing the vision for the community that was developed during town meetings and inputs made to the Redevelopment Advisory Committee and the Waterfronts Florida Committee and subsequent deliberations of the Waterfronts Committee.